Love Notes

Write yourself a love note.


Love is obviously the most important thing in our world. Relationships are everything but we spend so much time giving out love to others that I think we often neglect to do one pretty important thing:  love ourselves. 


The thing is- no matter what your circumstance is- you deserve to feel loved. You deserve to shower yourself with love and bask in appreciation for all you are doing.  You deserve to love yourself. 


The other day I bought a pack of valentines day cards to write little notes to the people I love most and then thought- why the hell aren’t we writing notes to ourselves?!!!


It’s so easy for me to write notes to other people but what would I say in my own love note? 




Words are extremely powerful….. more powerful than we realize. Our words create equivalents and produce corresponding circumstances in our lives. How we speak to ourselves is important yet how often are we saying nasty things to ourselves in our head? Writing a little love note is the perfect opportunity to tune in. 


Write it down and put it away to find on a day you need to be reminded of the infinite beauty you possess inside and out OR even put it in your purse for daily reminders.  🙂 


How to start? 


I love you because… 

I am grateful for you because.. 

I appreciate you because.. 

You are beautiful because.. 

You are unique because.. 

You are invincible because.. 

I wish you knew… 

You should feel radiant because… 


Happy Writing and Happy Day Of Love 






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