The Art Of Being Perfect

the art of being "perfect"


This perfectionism topic is a funny one now that social media basically runs our lives and there are 7 million apps designed to make you look a certain shape, size, color, emotion…maybe that’s an exaggeration but it has to be pretty damn close!


This idea that being perfect even exists makes me slightly nauseous.


The thing is, I think A LOT more of us struggle with this than we realize because wanting to be perfect and the idea of what PERFECT looks like is different for everyone. Most of us just want to be right. We want our idea or message or opinion to be “right”. But who the hell is telling us if its “right” or not?!!  99% of the time it is ourselves. It’s the dialogue we have created in our heads- telling us it wasn’t good enough. This desire to be perfect completely ruins authenticity AND productivity. If we added up the hours an average woman spent re-reading her instagram caption OR re-filtering her photo… we would be extremely alarmed.


I fall guilty of this, I am a true perfectionist. I like things to be a done a certain way, I like to make sure what I am doing is correct and viewed positively etc. HOWEVER I am recently starting to realize that when we obsess over the “perfect” we lose sight of each moment. We sabotage ourselves from falling madly in love with each magical moment that is happening around us.


Frankly, the art of being perfect is bullshit. When we let go of being perfect (whatever that means to you) life is SO SO SO much more fun!


Life is messy, art is messy, creating is messy, making dreams reality is messy. It’s all a huge mess but I think we have to let it be messy more. I think we have to jump all in without searching for the right thing to say, without obsessing over what someone is thinking, without hoping for validation.. without ANYTHING. Rid yourself of expectations.


Show up, do the work, and ENJOY it.. Even when it feels not so “perfect”





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