The Burn Out

prioritizing me

I finally started feeling like enough was enough and something was going wrong.


When I realized shit was happening within my body that I couldn’t control- I started to take hold of my life and get it back on track! 


Almost a month ago I went to see a holistic doctor due to experiencing different symptoms for about a year. Unwanted weight loss, extreme fatigue, constant thirst and the newest addition- terrible acne!!! Sure enough, she asked me a few questions and confidently said “it is clear you are prioritizing outside factors over yourself, and that’s the root of all your symptoms/ your unhappiness with it all.” Woah. If that’s not eye opening, I’m not sure what is. She then went on to explain that the yin and the yang are unbalanced in my system.  My body’s running on a hamster wheel. GO GO GO. It’s now tricked itself into thinking I am not hungry.. Causing me to procrastinate my meals and in turn my blood sugar is spiking and causing multiple hormonal imbalances- multiple times a day. This radiates extra heat, showing up in acne, thirst and adrenal fatigue. 


Long story short- I’m on a mission to get healthy in a different sense of the word than I’ve EVER put meaning to. I’m on a mission to live healthy by prioritizing MYSELF! Officially in recovery for “over-doing”. What hurts my heart the most is that this incredible doctor told me she too cured herself of these issues AND she treats women for the same thing everyday! Meaning that there are a whole lot of women who are NOT prioritizing themselves. I’m sickened by that thought- the thought that we (by nature) are often times doers, YET we expect ourselves to DO DO DO, GO GO GO, GIVE GIVE GIVE without filling up our own bucket. The bucket that must be full in order for us to do the above things successfully. 


This post will probably be part 1 since It’s only been a month. I can tell you though that I am already feeling drastically different! I have revamped my nutrition, started taking a multitude of supplements AND am trying my best to allow the emails to be unread for a second longer, the laundry to be unfolded for an extra hour, and trusting that my goals will be there the following day if I need to get an extra hour of sleep. 


I’ve always preached self-care and a healthy mindset, but little did I know I was encouraging others to do something that I was straying extremely far away from.


I’m not fully recovered and I think it will take me a while to fully rid the urge to OVER-DO. However, I’m hopeful that I’m on the right path and I’m grateful I was finally able to listen to my body (a year of thinking something was off but with the gradual decline I had NO idea I was allowing it to get this bad). 


They say it takes 3 months for the supplements to kick in and the real results to settle so for now, day by day I’m thrilled to be feeling stronger, more lively, present and EXCITED! 


Along with all of this- I’ve started a new program that allows me to stay accountable and coach women (and men) through their healthy lifestyle! I’m excited for the community it has already brought me AND I’m even more excited to mentor beautiful souls through their wellness so that they don’t get to the ultimate burn out like I did.  


If you want to know more about this- send me a message, or comment, or write me on Instagram! 


Let’s prioritize OURSELVES!!! We only get one body- we should be taking good care of it! 





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