Why Others Opinions Of You Are None Of Your Business

let go of what people think of you

How amazing would it be if we literally didn’t care what other people thought? Don’t get me wrong it is important to remain professional and be kind and speak your truth BUT sometimes I think we live in such a state of wanting to please everyone that it is toxic and honestly just plain EXHAUSTING. 


Your story is YOURS- No one else’s…Why do we become so invested in what others are saying or talking about OR how they think of us. WHY DO WE EVEN CARE??


You are here, on this planet, living your life, experiencing your journey for YOU. No one else.


Getting caught up in what others are thinking of you, and creating stories in your mind about what they could be thinking, saying, or judging is a total waste of your precious energy- and energy is extremely powerful.  We must channel it wisely. Energy is felt and where your focus goes- your energy flows. Meaning that when you focus on replicating someone else OR masking your true self by adhering to what is “cool”/ perceived to be “cool” or what will give you more likes on instagram … you are attracting more and more of this energy into your life. I think this is a cycle we ALL struggle with it.


When we are not aligned with our true self, we give away our power- We cheat ourselves from being and experiencing all that we are and all that we stand for. Instead- we embody what others expect us to be… how awful is that??!!! We can not live our truest purpose and honor our soul while trying to please others. We will get far too diluted with misconceived ideas as to what we SHOULD be and how we SHOULD act etc. Let’s break the cycle. We need to empower ourselves to believe that whatever people are thinking of us- really has nothing to do with US.


*Disclaimer- I have NOT mastered this and it is not an easy task- it takes work- but I wholeheartedly believe that if we show up everyday for our individual self, ready to do the work- it will change our lives.


take ownership of your life and the things you CAN control


Growing up, In the midst of sibling fights (because there are 4 of us… and it can get chaotic) My mom often said “Do your own inventory” meaning.. Mind your own business. Just because someone is doing something a certain way does not mean you have to.. ..HA! This seems so silly and childish BUT somewhere along the way, we all lose this simple concept. We compare ourselves to others and we worry about others thoughts- we worry over things we literally have 0 control of.


Give others the gift of letting them think what they want to  think. Let go of the control of their thoughts- you don’t have it to begin with.   


By no means does this concept make you self absorbed, conceited, cynical towards people or anything of that matter. It simply means you don’t allow what others think to disempower you. Which is HUGE.  After all, it is YOUR life…No one else’s. You own it…..You must own it.


Other people’s opinions of you are none of your business



How will you continuously remind yourself of this everyday and work towards releasing control of what you do not have!?





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