I’m Brooke!  I’m a producer, actress, and all around spirituality & wellness lover. I’m incredibly passionate about helping others cultivate their best life while nurturing all aspects of their well-being.

This website started as an online magazine/ blog three years ago but after I struggled with my health and spent years living a non-stop, busy and stressed lifestyle, I was left with multiple health issues (cystic acne, gut dysbiosis, extreme unwanted weight loss, hair loss and more)  and I finally realized it was time to prioritize my well being. I dove deep into holistic healing and found a major passion in root causes as well as educating women on the power of their bodies.

I’m determined to help women find balance in the everyday and love themselves in the process!  It doesn’t need to be complicated and health is so much more than what we fill our plates with. Allow me to guide you on your journey to becoming the healthiest, happiest and most radiant version of YOU.

When I’m not helping clients or obsessing over wellness, I’m at the beach, hiking, working on tv, producing rad events, spending time with my family/ and incredible husband. 

I’m so excited you are here and I’m thrilled for you to feel WELL!



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