Staying Positive and Getting Rid of Anxiety

staying positive and getting rid of anxiety!

I have had zero motivation to write these past few weeks,  which is odd seeing as I finally have the down time to spend on my blog.  Yet, I’ve been trying my best to honor how I’m feeling through all of this.……there are no rules to this new normal we are all living. 


After talking with some friends this past week regarding how all of this can make you feel- I thought I would break the writers block and go for it:



This past fall I struggled with anxiety. It came out of nowhere and hit me hard and was very unpleasant. I had to completely change my lifestyle and get my life back on track (you can read more about that here) BUT I discovered some things that helped me immensely!


So, whether you’re worried about getting sick, feeling stuck inside has you going a little crazy, OR you’re feeling anxious over not being able to celebrate Easter with the ones you love…. I hope this list helps you create some healthy habits for your heart and your mind. 


***I am definitely not a doctor but these are things that have helped calm me down over the past 6 months, and now I implement them into my everyday.***



1.  Journaling- Even if I have nothing to say. I write three pages every morning of stream of consciousness writing. It can be as dumb as “I have nothing to write” HA! Because, eventually the things taking space in your mind will come out on paper! 

2. Reading- Having a personal development book, a book on spirituality OR a devotional. This helps me feel centered and reminds me that the universe is working for me never against me. 

3.  Meditation- Mediation has helped quiet my mind in ways I didn’t even know were possible. Sometimes (often times) my mind wanders and I have to keep getting back to my intention. But, with practice I’ve gotten better and those moments of silence have helped A LOT. This is something that takes practice but a practice I wish I would have starter WAY SOONER. 

4. Limiting Caffeine-  My 3 cups of coffee are now 1 cup and that’s it (this includes soda too) our bodies go into fight or flight mode when we have too much caffeine causing us to feel uneasy. 

5. Limiting Alcohol- We sleep better when we aren’t drinking….. when our sleep is off our bodies cortisol levels spike which causes the fight or flight mode to repeat itself. This then continues the uneasy and anxious feelings. 

6. Eating Less Sugar- When our cortisol levels are spiked and we are anxious are bodies have a hard time processing and breaking down foods. This can cause us to feel sluggish and anxious literally continuing the toxic cycle.

7. Reduce your screen time in the AM and PM- I am trying to be better at this… some days I’m great, other days Im awful BUT I am always happier when I put my phone away an hour before bed AND don’t reach for it first thing in the morning. 


Life is a whole lot more important than the fears and anxiety we allow our mind to convince us of.  All seasons pass and often times the unknowns come with some incredible opportunities.


Stay Grounded, Stay Centered and Stay Grateful. There is always something to be grateful for! 





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